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If your home’s interior was done more than a decade ago, you may have popcorn ceilings. Although that look was trendy 20 years ago, today homeowners prefer a more modern, clean look. If you’re tired of outdated popcorn ceilings, call Flourtown Painters. Our professionals handle popcorn ceiling removal in Flourtown and surrounding areas.
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Safely Removing Popcorn Ceilings

Depending on when the material was applied to the ceiling, it may contain asbestos or other hazardous materials. Proper removal is required to ensure there are no potential health risks for your family. Our professional team has a training, experience and resources to handle your popcorn ceiling removal safely and effectively.

Preparing Your Ceiling for Paint

The first step to a clean and modern finish on the ceiling is to remove the popcorn ceiling. Although there are do-it-yourself tutorials online, the process requires skill and safety precautions. Our team offer the superior quality service for popcorn ceiling removal. We have more than two decades of experience and have handled many textured ceiling removal and interior painting projects.

You can depend on our team to:

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