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Looking to spruce up your home? Sometimes all you need is a new coat paint to make a huge impact. Imagine how new and fresh your home could look with a splash of new paint! At Flourtown Painters, our Oreland house painters strive to make your dream become a reality. 
We provide a wide range of interior and exterior house painting services throughout Montgomery county, Philadelphia county, Delaware county and Bucks county. Our crew has experience working on a wide range of painting projects and will be there for our throughout the process. We will complete your painting project with the quality you expect while adhering to a the timeline that works for you.

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Interior & Exterior Painters

What’s one reason homeowners choose to do house painting? They are looking for that fresh and new feeling again. Making your home look great again couple be as simple as a couple of coats of paint or it could mean a complete re-paint of all your rooms, and the exterior.

At Flourtown Painters, we provide you with a menu of services that guarantees to give you the results you want for your home. Whether fixing up the interior or putting on a brand new exterior coat, our experienced painters are going to help your home look marvelous. We know that updating your home could require wallpaper removal, fixing drywall and getting getting rid of old popcorn ceilings. Our painters are ready for any painting job you throw at them.

Our painting services include

Interior house painting – Our interior house painting service will freshen up and give your home a unique new look that you and your family can enjoy. Rejuvenate your bedroom, beautify your kitchen, and add elegance to your living room with a great looking coat of paint.

Exterior house painting – Protect your home from the forces of the mother nature with our exterior house painting service. Whether you have stucco, brick, wood, or aluminum siding, our friendly team of expert house painters will do a great job. Bring back your home’s curb appeal that it desperately needs!

Wallpaper removal – Don’t spend your weekend peeling off your old wallpaper. It’s a pain. At Flourtown Painters, we can do the job for you! As part of our prep work for our interior house painting service, we’ll remove any old wallpaper that you have.

Popcorn ceiling removal – Popcorn ceilings were in style decades ago, but times have changed. If you’re looking for a more modern look, Flourtown Painters can help! We’ll remove your popcorn ceiling before repainting your ceilings and provide your home interior with a clean and updated look that it deserves.

Drywall repair & installation – Sometimes your walls get a little beat up. At Flourtown Painters, our drywall repairing team knows that it’s not uncommon to see drywall damaged by water, mold, or small to large holes. We’ll patch, sand, and prime your drywall to create a perfect flush surface. It’ll be like you’re living in a brand new home again!

Cabinet painting & refinishing – Refinishing or painting your kitchen cabinets is an affordable alternative to spending thousands for a kitchen remodel. It’s a much smarter way to update your space, especially if your cabinets are still in great condition. It doesn’t make sense to throw out perfectly good cabinets, just because you’re tired of the look or the color. Call our cabinet experts for a free color and cabinet refacing consultation. Let’s give your living space a refreshing yet affordable new look. 

Deck & fence painting – During beautiful weather, there’s nothing like sitting on your deck and sipping a cold refreshing drink, unless your deck looks old and weathered and you can’t stop wondering about how it could look. Our deck & fence painting team will help your home win the fight against nature by staining and painting your deck to both better protect it and make it look great again. 

Fence painting is always needed, especially if you can see your fence from the road. Update and paint your fence if you’re looking to improve your curb appeal!

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing is an affordable way to remove years of dirt and grime from your property. We can wash your roof, your siding, your deck, and even your walkway to give your Oreland home a simple, clean look. Pressure washing is always used when we are doing your exterior house painting so the paint can be absorbed properly.

Call us for a Color Consultation!

Choosing a color from the many options can be overwhelming. So we offer a color consultation service to figure out the best color for the interior or the exterior of your home. The color consultation will help understand the differences between a gloss, satin, and matte finish. With that, it will help you choose the color scheme that fits your desired aesthetic and great look for the long-term.

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